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Company "UICOR" was incorporated for providing the core businesses on 5 февраля 2016.

The company specialization - the creation and conducting B2B-projects in Russia in general and on the territory of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region in particular with an investment volume from the minimum amounts to 7 million USD.


  • conducting preliminary market research and monitoring,
  • development, analysis and promotion of B2B-investment projects,
  • preparation of the investment project to the implementation phase,
  • implementation of investment projects, including:
  1. formation of project groups and the creation of systems of interaction,
  2. creation of monitoring systems and reporting on the implementation of the project,
  3. establishing and maintaining the project life-support systems (legal, accounting, Human Resources),
  4. ensuring the required support for the project at the federal and regional levels (including in targeted and general federal investment programs, benefits and subsidies, the allocation of areas and facilities, and other issues of cooperation),
  5. ensuring the safety of project implementation,
  6. the creation and control of the functioning of the industrial complex,
  7. the creation and control of the functioning of the procurement control, logistics and supply,
  8. the creation and control of the functioning of sales and promotion of the product.
  • the preparation and conducting of stage of Project transferring under the control of its initiators.

Company "UICOR" is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Russia (registration number - 33-4332).

Company "UICOR" has signed and fulfills the requirements of the Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business (registration number - 2708).

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